National Kaohsiung Normal University "Journal of Kaohsiung Normal University - Education and Social Sciences" call for papers, Please feel free to contribute~

1.The school's "Kaohsiung Normal University Journal" is divided into three categories, "Kaohsiung Normal University Journal-Education and Social Sciences", "Kaohsiung Normal University Journal-Humanities and Arts" and "Kaohsiung Normal University Journal-Natural Science and Technology", Issue B is published in June and December each year. You are welcome to send manuscripts at any time, and you can review them whenever you want.

2.Please refer to the attachment for related documents, For the format of the manuscript, please refer to the instructions for writing, For contributions, please prepare the electronic file of the manuscript (word and pdf files are required), the basic information sheet of the contributor, the copyright assignment book, etc. The latter two materials need to be signed and converted into pdf or image files. please E-mail to bd3@nknu.edu.tw.

3.If you have any questions, you can write or call to inquire. The relevant electronic files can be downloaded from the website menu of the Comprehensive Business Section of the Academic Affairs Office of the University - Kaohsiung Normal University Newspaper - website: https://c.nknu.edu.tw/aca/Default.aspx