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Website for Thesis format: Some thesis format rules

1.Sample download of the cover: paperback Chinese cover Master's Thesis-Plan, Master's Thesis-Oral Examination (version 96.09)
2. Download the back example (version 106.06)
3.The Chinese of the main text (body) of the thesis shall be written in Standard (標楷體/Biao-Kai)12 point font), and the English font shall be in 12-pt Times-New-Roman font.
    The line-spacing of the text in the paper shall be is 1.5 row high.
4.Boundary of layout setting: top 2.5cm, bottom 2.5cm, left 3cm, right 2.5cm, binding edge 0cm, page head 1.5cm, page footer 1.5cm,
  page number first Medium setting, left and right symmetrical.
5.The sequence position and font of title and subtitle:
  (1)The titles of each chapter are in the center and bolded (16-point font): Chapter One  ○○○
  (2)The titles of each section are placed in the center and bolded (14-point font): Section One ○○○
  (3)The titles below the section are aligned to the left and blackened (12-point font): Example ~ I, A, or 1
   (4)The thesis is printed on both sides. The starting page of each chapter should start from an odd-numbered page, and each section should be continuous.
      If the title of the chapter is already on the last line of the page, it should be recommended Proceedings moved to the next page.
     (If it is less than 100 pages, it can be printed on one side to avoid failure to make the title words on the spine-back of the book)
 Please refer to the paper layout: APA format 6


1. Paper Format and Notes and the order of placing documents on the inner pages of the thesis (refer to the table /sample table in Chinese).
    single side or Double Sided page
1 Chinese and English cover page single side x ''x '' mean no need page numbering
2 Master's thesis oral examination committee approval letter (signature page) single side x  
3 Appreciation Statement (謝誌/Xie Zhi) single side x  
4 Abstract in Chinese (including the title of the thesis) single side,starting from the right
(If the abstract has two pages, it is better to print on both sides.) 
Front-pages page numbering:
Start the code with the Roman numeral "I" 
5 Abstract in English (including thesis title)  
6 Contents  
7 tables  
8 figures   
9 Chapter One... Double Sided Beginning with Arabic numeral "1" Each chapter starts with an "odd" numbered page and is centered.
10 References (Chinese first, then English or foreign language)  Double-sided continued in Arabic numerals  
11 Appendix  

2. Paper thickness: the inner pages of the thesis shall be printed on 70 lb (including above) white molded paper;
    The size of A4 paper shall prevail (glue binding, plastic coating/film on the cover).
3.Paperback cover color: Please choose "beige color textured paper SH7203 basis weight 195gsm" paper.
4.Hardcover format: the color of the cover of the thesis is black cloth, and the font on the cover is gold.