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Thesis Defense

Thesis Defense

碩士論文口試申請表 Masters Thesis Defense Application Form
      has completed a total of 30 credits
       Has completed the academic ethics course on the ‘Center for Taiwan Academic Research Ethics Education’
      online platform or other academic ethics course approved by the Department/Graduate Institute,
      and has attached the relevant documents as proof of completion.
      An originality analysis of the thesis has been completed, and the score is less than 30%.
     Attend 2 seminars
研究生論文發表審查表(1點) Seminar/Journal Paper Publication Review From (1 Point)
繳交「無違反學術倫理聲明書」Submitted the ''Academic Ethics Statement''
碩士研究生論文口試參與表 Participation Form for Master's Thesis Oral Examination
碩士論文口試委員推薦表 Masters Thesis Defense Committee Members

碩士論文口試評分表(個表) Master's Thesis Defense Scoring Chart
碩士論文口試評分表(總表) Master's Thesis Defense Scoring Record
論文審查口試紀錄表 Thesis Oral Examination Record Form
碩士學位論文口試委員會審定書 Thesis Oral Defense Approval Form

畢業資格檢核表 (111學年度入學) Graduation Qualification Checklist (for Admission for the 111th academic year)
本所口試論文修改檢核表 Thesis  Revision Form
碩士論文修正同意書 Final Version of Thesis Confirmation Form
   ♦碩士論文上傳 Electronic Theses Submission Instructional Guide

畢業生流向調查 Follow-Up Survey of Graduates After Graduation
畢業生雇主問卷 Survey for Employer
明道未就業調查 Unemployment Survey
所友會入會申請表 The Alumni Association of Graduate Institute of Educational Art and Healing  Membership Application Form